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More volunteers gardens

Judy veg
Liz garden
jan garden
Box hedge

Edenbridge artist and potter Lorna Simm has been using bluebells to create these beautiful pieces. 

Lorna's pots.jpg

Also during this period, another volunteer has been writing poetry.

We'd like to share some with you. 

A new poem this week!


Kev Reynolds


There are brambles on the pathway, ivy up the wall,

The shed at the bottom of the garden can’t be seen at all.

My wife says the lawn needs cutting, but to me it looks just fine,

I’ll mow it on one sunny day if I can find the time.


The curtains look quite tatty and the pole hangs all askew,

The fixings fell off weeks ago but I don’t have a screw.

I’ll look for one tomorrow among the grease and grime,

I’d make a start this afternoon, but I don’t have the time.


Two cats lie on the sofa, the litter tray’s there too,

They look at me with scornful eyes – so what am I to do?

If they’d move off I’d take their place and peacefully recline

But I can’t move them, - not right now – I do not have the time.


My wife would like a pot of tea, or coffee in a cup,

But all the crockery we need has yet to be washed up,

The bowl is full within the sink, don’t talk about the slime,

I’ll wash it up tomorrow if I can find the time.


The list of jobs goes on and on, I feel defeated by it

Each day it grows much longer, I really can’t deny it,

My neighbour’s house is spick and span, my wife says it’s divine

She’d like ours to be just like that, but I really don’t have time.


But now that we’re in lockdown, the days are all our own,

No work that we can go to, as we are stuck at home,

I’ll check that list of jobs to do and put them in a line

Then raise my head and pour myself another glass of wine.

Flowers images by Nikky - BRIDGES Trustee

flower 5

flower 5





Flower 2

Flower 2



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